Tuesday, April 22, 2008

6 weeks!

And all is well

I'll have to double check, but we've put about 3000 kms on the car since converting it.

We filled up the diesel tank about 3 weeks ago, we've done 1000 kms since then and we're at half a tank. Normally, a full tank of diesel gets us ~650kms in town and ~800kms on the highway. I think we'll easily get ~2000 kms in city driving.


- We had some issues with the Check Engine light, but I took care of that on April 14th making some plumbing changes to the fuel system and putting a new o-ring on the shutoff valve.
- Now that the Check Engine light is off, I have full boost from the turbo. YAY
- As the weather gets warmer, I've gradually decreased the timed "purge" sequence down to 30 seconds. That should yeild higher mileage out of each tank of diesel.
- Roadtrip season is upon us, and I am stockpiling filtered veggie.
It's also worth noting that it's been a long time since I liked a car enough to spend 3 hours doing this:


Jon said...

I wanted to say - Nice job on your conversion and documentation. Your information has saved me a considerable amount of effort and mistakes on my 1995 E300 conversion.

Anonymous said...

I followed every development earlier in the year, but keep checking back to see how you are faring. I'd be interested to know how the cold weather has effected performance if at all.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of an update on how the cars going.
Thanks neil.

Anonymous said...

Nice conversion Jake, thanks for taking the time out to make this info available.

I am in the process of gathering parts for my own W210 conversion and this site is invaluable.

look forward to the updates.

All the best, David